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NYA Area Chamber of Commerce
NYA Area Chamber of Commerce
This is how we trim, rub, and pamper our meat before we turn it into the delicious sandwiches and and meat by the pound for the masses. Justin Spande Firemans Barbeque

This meat will be served at the first event of 2022, the first event of our 5th year in business!

Our first public event will be on Friday January 28th at Bobbing Bobber Brewing Company in Hutchinson, Minnesota from 4p-8p. Stop by for BBQ, beverages, and a little Friday night fun!

We’re gassing up and headed North to Mora, Minnesota on Saturday January 29th. We’re making our first visit to Sapsucker Farms from Noon until 6pm. Grab a sandwich, stay for a soda or a sour!

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#swansonmeat #meatsweats #moramn #moraminnesota #sapsuckerfarms #yellowbellysour #moraareachamber Mora Area Chamber of Commerce
NYA Area Chamber of Commerce
NYA Area Chamber of Commerce
Ever wonder why cheese slices don't stick together or why some have little slips of paper between them? Cheese naturally wants to knit back together. To prevent that from happening, paper is commonly used between natural slices to help with separation. We apply an ingredient called lecithin to American slices, allowing for easy separation as you peel them apart. Our slices were keeping their distance even before it was cool! #HowCheeseIsMade

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